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  • Injuries to Children


    Young children injured in bicycle accidents are more likely to be seriously injured or killed compared with their older peers. When a negligent driver fails to pay proper attention and collides with a child on tricycle, training bike or even in a bike carrier, the driver is responsible for all of the medical care and result pain the ensues. If the injury affects the child’s development, there may be a substantial claim for long term care and recovery, especially if surgical intervention is required or if the child must undergo long term physical therapy.

    Understanding how Illinois law applies to a child injured in a Chicago bike accident

    It is important that parents consult with a lawyer who handles bike accidents in Chicago before speaking with a driver’s insurance company, because the law is somewhat ambiguous concerning whether children should ride on streets or sidewalks. An experienced attorney can review your case and help you determine how likely you are to win your case and what the full extent of the damages are so that you know what you should expect to recover.

    Special legal consideration needed for children who have been injured in a bicycle accident

    Bicycle accident cases involving injury to children need to be given special attention due to the impact that the injuries may have on the child’s future and you should be sure that you are fully prepared when pursuing your case. The first step is to retain the right representation.

    Advocates for injured children in bike collisions or bike carriers

    Don’t allow a bike accident involving a child to permanently change their future and that of your family. As Chicago Bike Injury Lawyers we will work to assure that your child’s present and future care related needs and expenses are addressed. We offer free home or hospital visits and can be reached anytime.

    Additional Resources Relating To Minors And Bicycle Safety:

    Chicago Bike Injury Laws

    Unsure of whether you are in the wrong or right when cyclin.g? Learn more about Chicago cycling laws below:

    • 9-52-010 – Rights and Duties.
    • 9-40-160 – Drivers to Exercise Due Care.
    • 9-16-020 (f) – Turning Right in Front of a Bicycle
    • 9-16-020 (e) – Right of Way to a Bicycle on Left Turn
    • 9-40-060 – Driving, Standing or Parking on Bicy
      cle Paths or Lanes Prohibited
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