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    Bicycling in Chicago has rapidly become an extremely popular activity for cyclists of all skill levels and ages. In the past decade Chicago has transformed itself from an urban mecca that shunned the presence of bicycles on city streets to one of the most ‘bicycle friendly’ cities in America. Today, Chicago boasts miles of protected ‘bike lanes’, paths along beautiful Lake Michigan, ample bike parking throughout the downtown area and even a bicycle rental program to encourage the use of pedal power for short trips in the city.

    For all of the visible changes made by city officials to make bike riding in Chicago more of an accepted part of city living, one thing remains constant: cyclists in Chicago are at risk for serious injury due to the negligence of drivers. According to data collected on bicycle accidents in the Chicagoland area and published in a 2012 City of Chicago Bicycle Crash Analysis:

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    In addition to having represented bicyclists injured in Chicago for more than a decade, our attorneys actually ride bikes on the same streets and paths that you do. Our experience bicycling in Chicago brings a unique level of familiarity to the situations encountered by our clients. In many circumstances, we have data collected on high-traffic areas of the City where crashes tend to be centralized, which can help the in the prosecution of Chicago bike accident lawsuits.

    Even in situations where we may be unfamiliar with a particular area where an incident occurred, our attorneys will regularly bike and drive the route that our client was taking so we can become familiar with the intricacies of the accident and sightlines our client and the driver may have had leading to the collision. Appreciating the routes taken by our client and the at fault driver in an important component in effectively deposing the driver and investigating police officers who have opinions which are adverse to our client’s case

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    Hiring a law firm with extensive bicycle accident litigation experience is necessary to maximize the value of your case. Insurance companies, defenses lawyers and judges who may be overseeing the valuation and settlement of your case quickly recognize which attorneys are involved in the representation of the injured person. From the time they learn of a law firm’s representation of an injured cyclist, they are likely assessing how much experience the firm has in litigating similar cases and how aggressive they are with pursuing a case for their client.

    There are few Illinois accident law firms that have the experience that Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has when it comes to the litigation and settlement of bicycle accident cases. Collectively, our office has recovered millions of dollars in bicycle crash incidents having represented hundreds of cyclists in various types of accidents in Chicago and throughout the entire State of Illinois. Below are some recent examples of cases we have resolved on behalf of our clients:

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    From the time we are retained by an injured bicyclist, our team begins the process of investigating the factors contributing to our client’s injuries. Frequently, our investigators visit the site of the incident, conduct inspection of vehicles and obtain statements from witnesses in order to ensure that this valuable information is preserved to prove our client’s cases.

    We regularly engage some of the most respected experts to help establish fault and prove damages. Our network of experts in accident reconstruction, medicine, neuropsychology and economics, ensure that the needs of our clients are attended to in every circumstance- and our clients’ receive the maximum compensation to which they are entitled to under Illinois tort law.

    All of our bike accident cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, where there is never an attorney fee charged without a recovery for the client. We offer free legal consultations with attorneys who have experience working on substantial bike accident cases without any obligation on your end. If you are looking for representation in a Chicago bicycle accident case, call our office anytime and begin the process of getting the maximum compensation that the law allows.